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BOVI-BLOCK is a two-component urethane adhesive, especially designed for bonding orthopaedic blocks (wood or rubber) onto the bovine hoof.


- Perfect adhesion to a variety of materials
- Very fast curing time (30-45 seconds, depending on application temperature)
- Odourless product
- Easy Open cartridge


- Trim, level and mark the hoof where you are planning to apply the block
- Ensure that the hoof is very well cleaned and degreased
- If possible, use denatured alcohol or Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) for hoof cleaning and degreasing
- Wait until the hoof is completely dry before making the application
- If possible, warm up the block and/or the hoof using a heat gun


- Remove the cartridge from the vacuum-packed bag
- Rotate and remove the cover cap, and gently snap off the security cap. This will expose the apertures for the two components of the adhesive and allow them to exit the tube at the correct rate.
- Position the cartridge in the dispenser gun
- Fix the mixer tip to the cartridge, rotating it into the position left by the cover cap
- Keep the cartridge in a vertical position (mixer tip upwards) and begin to slowly extrude the product, in order to allow the air bubbles inside the cartridge to escape. You will see the air bubbles rising up the mixer tip.
- Extrude a few cm of product onto a waste sheet, to ensure that all air bubbles are released from both the cartridge and the mixer tip (if air bubbles are present in the adhesive, the two components will be incorrectly balanced, and will not cure properly).
- Extrude a strip of BOVI-BLOCK down the middle of the block along its full length. Maintain a depth of at least 1 cm and a width of at least 2 cm along the full length of the block
- As soon as the product has been extruded onto the block, lightly press it onto the hoof for a minimum of 10-15 seconds. Do not press too hard on the block. It is important to avoid any product leakage to the sides.
- Curing time can be speeded up by use of a heat gun
- After 1-3 minutes from application (depending on application temperature) the block will be able to support the weight of the cow


The chemical reaction begins with the mixture of the two BOVI-BLOCK components, and is very sensitive to thermal variations:


Whenever the product is used at a temperature lower than 20-degrees C, the block and hoof should be warmed up with a heat gun, and the BOVI-BLOCK cartridge by immersing it in hot water for a few minutes.



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