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Flexx Sport with grABS

Flexx Sport with grABS Flexx Sport with grABS Flexx Sport with grABS

Category: Soundhorse FLEXX
Brand: SoundHorse

The Flexx Sport shoes now feature grABS technology on the hoof side to generate a remarkably strong, reliable, adhesive bond without the need for surface preparation. This is achieved by using a thermoplastic material that is more compatible with the commonly used acrylic adhesives. The material is ABS …. (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), it can deliver extraordinary adhesion performance. By using this new grABS™ technology (pat. app.) on the hoof side and high temperature, thermoset urethane with GRIT tech in the lower part of shoe SoundHorse can deliver the best combination of performance at a very competitive price.

The Flexx Sport is based on the Kerckhaert Classic Roller or equivalent in terms of shape, section and sizing. The shoes have open a rolled toe and are made with a flexible wire insert in the core. An ordinary turning hammer can be used to shape them cold. Their weight is less than a quarter of the steel equivalent – a pair of Flexx® Sport Size 1 Fronts weighs 0.15 kg against a pair of Classic Rollers of the same size which come in at 0.80 kg.
The shoes are manufactured with an abrasive grit concentrated at the ground surface to aid both wear and grip, and are expected to wear considerably better than aluminium. As well as easing concussion, the polyurethane allows the shoe to ‘bio-mimic™’ the natural movement of the hoof and permits at least some expansion of the heels, thus reducing hoof capsule restriction – a common criticism of direct-glue applications.
SoundHorse recommend the use of acrylic adhesives such as Equilox or Hoof Life for use with Flexx® shoes as they are particularly ‘friendly’ to this type of glue. The shoes can also be drilled and tapped for studs, or can be fitted with drive-in studs.
The Sport Flexx® are available in sizes 00 – 3 (Kerckhaert sizing).

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Flexx Sport with grABS
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