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DL Disc - Demotec

DL Disc - Demotec

Category: Demotec Products
Brand: Demotec

A new innovative disc for professional hoof care

In close cooperation with professional hoof care specialists; this disc was developed to cut hooves. The DL disc is a disc that will quickly convince you of its effectiveness and will help you save on costs.

The base plate of the DL disc is constructed of aluminum. This enables a quiet operation and comfortable, easy handling. 7 cutting blades constructed of durable hard metal (Widia) ensure a high level of removal and longevity. The blades are factory adjusted to remove quickly and form large chips. This adjustment allows the horn to be removed fast and carefully, without smell, dust or temperature buildup.
Experience values show that 400 and more animals held in open pens can have their hooves cut with one set of blades. The high value is significantly reduced with harder hooves, often found in closed pens.

The advantages of the DL disc at a glance:

* Very low cost per animal
* Careful handling without smell or dust development
* No heating up of the hoof
* Shorter work time
* The revolving blades are usable on both sides and can be individually replaced when needed. This allows for a long lifespan of a set of blades
* The blades are adjusted from the factory to remove quickly and form large chips.
* Very clean cut. This makes it easier to identify potential hoof defects.
* The base plate of the DL disc is constructed of aluminum. This enables quiet operation and comfortable, easy handling. It also spares the angle grinder mechanism of wear and tear. This construction significantly increases the lifespan of the device.

Pre-requisites for optimal usage:

* The correct usage of a hoof disc requires the user to have good anatomical knowledge of cow hooves. Only  correct usage ensures good results.
* For this application a small single handed angle grinder with low revolutions and 750 watts of power is sufficient.
* The best effect level is reached at about 10,000 revolutions.

DL Soft - for the less-experienced user:

The DL Soft is a cutting disc for the less highly-trained user. It removes smaller horn shavings from the claw and so combines a good cutting capacity with the advantages of a smoothly running trimming disc with blades. This way it becomes the ideal trimming disc for all users who are not trimming claws every day.

DL Disc - Demotec
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