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Cavallo 'SPORT' Horse Hoof Boots

Cavallo 'SPORT' Horse Hoof Boots

Category: Cavallo hoof boots
Brand: Cavallo Hoof Boots

The CAVALLO SPORT Hoof Boot is a lightweight, performance boot that complements the original all-purpose Cavallo Simple Boot.

Innovation, form and function unite in the new Cavallo SPORT Boot, designed to enhance hoof function, with a built-in breakover and innovative heel (skid) brake, just like the natural hoof. The high density inner rim provides support for the outer hoof wall and relieves pressure on the sole area.

Slightly narrower than the Cavallo SIMPLE Boot, the SPORT Boot provides a snug fit in all equine sports, fits hind hooves, and provides total comfort. Reflective piping boosts safety for night riding. Like the SIMPLE Boot, the high quality SPORT Boot is quick and simple to put on.

And they look great too! The Cavallo SPORT Boot is chic and sleek, styled in collaboration with Silvana Rivadeneira.

Comfort, night riding safety and fashion all in one sleek package: the Cavallo SPORT Hoof Boot.

The SPORT incorporates the following features:

* Economical Alternative to Shoeing
* Simple on, Simple off, Stays on
* Lightweight
* Quick and easy front fastening
* Promotes healthy hooves allowing expansion contraction and increased blood circulation
* Stays securely on hoof
* Built in drainage
* Durable construction Waterproof thread,high performance TPU outsole and secured with industrial grade Velcro closures
* Secure footing
* Reflective for safe riding


 - The Sport is lighter

 - The tread on the Sport is not as deep as the original  'Simple' boot, resulting in a more streamlined look

 - The Sport has a single velcro flap closure, with additional security tab

 - The Sport is slightly narrower than the Simple Boot and fits most Hind hooves.


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One very good way to measure your horse for hoof boots is to brush hoof oil over the entire sole, wall and frog, then place the hoof down onto a piece of strong paper or card on a flat level surface. You will then have an imprint of the weight-bearing surface. Measure immediately or mark the outer limits as the oil will spread across the paper with time.

Cavallo 'SPORT' Horse Hoof Boots
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Black  Sport Boots  Pair  £83.30 Qty:
Black  Sport Boots  Pair  £83.30 Qty:
Black  Sport Boots  Pair  £83.30 Qty:
Black  Sport Boots  Pair  £83.30 Qty:
Black  Sport Boots  Pair  £83.30 Qty:
Black  Sport Boots  Pair  £83.30 Qty:

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